A downloadable game for Windows

As a wizard on this boat it is your task to sail it safely to it destination and to get there first!


Press spacebar to advance dialogue

Type the magic word and press spacebar to cast a spell. (Be wary of your mana though)


1: The color of your hat indicates your mana level

2: Your spellbook contains the magic words for all the spells!

3: Your spellbook contains a map indicating the linked portals

4: Portals are one way only

5: "Fernando" is free

6: Your spellbook is located in the "Other folder" folder as a .pdf

Thanks to Joost and Lenny for playtesting!


build.zip 21 MB


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I like the idea of having a physical spellbook that I need to read through in order to cast spells. That said, I couldn't tell whether or not any of the spells I cast were actually worked, because there was no feedback aside from the windsock occasionally pointing in a different direction. I ended up just typing random words from the spellbook and hoping that something good would happen.

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hey there, thanks for playing the game and giving feedback. It's odd that the spells didn't work for you. There should be a sound effect (same one as in the intro) whenever you succesfully cast a spell. Did you hear these? If so there is some weird bug (since almost all spell visibly displace the ship). If not something went wrong in the casting. In that case it is most likely a typing error (the spells are all case sensitive (in hindsight this should be in the tips)) , or some weird bug.